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SiteLock Website Security

grillhost-site-lock Starts at Rs1200/yr
SiteLock has protected more than 1,000,000 online businesses around the globe. That's more than any other website security or virus scan provider. It has also partnered with leading hosting providers and cybersafety organizations, like neighborhood-watch for the Internet.

SiteLock Website Security- Most Trusted, Cloud-based Security for all types of websites.

Sitelock Web Security is cloud based utility helps in maintaining security for all kinds of websites. It helps in finding vulnerability and malware attacks. It helps in fixing backdoors, preventing DDoS, SQLi and XSS. Further SiteLock Web Security offers SiteLock Trust Seal. The Trust Seal shows customers that they can shop on your customer’s website safely. Getting started is easy. And your Customers are going to love SiteLock.


    Basic Websites

  • Rs1200Year
  • Scan 25 Pages
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • No FTP Scan


    Professional Websites

  • Rs3000Year
  • Scan 100 Pages
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • FTP Scan


    Premium Websites

  • Rs3600MONTHLY
  • Scan 500 Pages
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • FTP Scan


    Enterprise Websites

  • Rs12200MONTHLY
  • Scan 2500 Pages
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • FTP Scan

Sitelock Web Security Features

  • Security Features
  • Automatic Fixes
  • Trusted Protection

Total Peace of Mind with Sitelock Web Security

Sitelock helps in cleaning the unwanted content and building trust among the customers. Apparently, helps in growth.

  • sitelock_scanning

    Regular Scans

    Sitelock performs regular scans for detecting any attack. It check each and every files on the web server to keep the website secure. It helps in checking your website whether it is safe or need any attention by the webmaster.

  • sitelock_email_alerts

    Email Alerts

    Regular emails alerts helps in keeping the client updated. In case of emergency, email notification can help in taking the right action on time.

Enjoy. Maximum security and automatic fixing of malicious content.

Sitelock’s automation process of keeping the website clean and safe make it one step ahead web security utility.

  • sitelock_malware_fixing

    Malware Fixing

    Malware attacks are negotiated by sitelock very easily. It performs regular scans and keep track of any suspicious activity, If any found, appropriate action is taken on immediate basis.

  • sitelock_automation

    Automatic Cleaning

    Sitelock automatic scans removes any human error. As it will never forgot to not to take the scans. So it adds to the extra security by having automated process.

Relax. Feel the trust and protection with sitelock.

Sitelock helps in cleaning the unwanted content and building trust among the customers. Apparently, helps in growth.

  • DDoS_Mitigation

    DDoS Protection

    Sitelock helps in preventing DDoS attacks to the websites. This attack consume all the resources of the website. SiteLock helps in to monitor DDos attack and block those attack with proper process.

  • site_lock_site_seal

    Site Lock Trust Seal

    Sitelock trust seal provide information to the end customer that website is secured from any malicious intrusion. It helps in building the trust value among the end customer and helps in increasing the business.

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